Muscular Health Check­­­­

Brook Barn Free Muscular Health Check

About an initial muscular health check

This is an opportunity to have your dog’s muscles assessed for any areas of tenderness, or variations in temperature, texture or tone, which may be causing gait irregularities, lameness, postural change or general discomfort.

I examine your dog’s superficial muscles using my hands and fingers (known as palpation).

This check covers around 40 different pairs of muscles. This may sound like a lot but believe it or not we class this as only a superficial check! A full clinical massage covers many more muscles.

The muscular health check typically takes 30 minutes, and can be booked by phoning Hannah on 01963 34251. Or use the link below to send us a message.

The muscular health check (palpation) is not massage. For clinical massage, we always get your vet’s consent to comply with veterinary law.


What we are looking for: 

On a superficial muscular health check I do not assess for orthopaedic or neurological issues. Sometimes during a check such issues may arise and I will advise you to go to your vet for further investigation. 

I’m looking for things such as: 

Strains – a tear to the muscle caused by overstretching. Strains can be debilitating depending on how much of the muscle is affected. A strain can be REPETITIVE (caused by something your dog does time and time again) or ACUTE (a result of a direct injury/sudden trauma). 

Trigger Points – commonly known as ‘knots’. These cause early-onset muscular fatigue (i.e. your dog is getting tired early in their walks or other activity), and reduced range of motion. They can be painful to the touch, and cause referred pain and oxygen/nutrient deprivation to the tissue, known as ischaemia. 

Wide Radiating Myofascial Pain – a wide area of connective tissue (fascia) producing day-to-day pain. Connective tissue surrounds every muscle and organ individually, allowing for sliding/gliding movements and provides pathways for nerves and blood vessels. When it becomes tight we can liken it to wearing trousers two sizes too small..!

Brook Barn Free Muscular Health Check

If any of the above issues are found, then an appropriate course of treatment will be recommended. The muscular health check typically takes

30 minutes and can be booked by  phoning Hannah on 01963 34251. Alternatively Contact Us by email.